Business Models 4.0

Developement of a systematic toolbox in order to design Big Data services

The main objective of the “BigDieMo” project is to support enterprises  to expand their existing portfolio by data based business models in a guided and target-oriented way.

Needs identification

It is essential to analyse the needs of German enterprises in developing and transforming data based business models in order to design both a framework of correct granularity and a user-oriented toolbox.

Framework developement

The development of a framework is the scientific basis for the project. It contains possible dimensions and characteristics of data based business models.

Data based business model categorization

Types of data based business models are identified by the classification of existing business models according to the framework. The identification will later serve as inspiration and orientation for organizations while shaping own business models.

Toolbox developement

In order to support enterprises with the design of data based business models, a practically oriented toolbox is developed which includes different methods and tools which will serve for the structured design of data based business models.

Pilot project initiation

Together with industry partners pilot business models are developed and launched. Gained experience is processed and included into the existing toolbox.