Publication at the ICIS 2019 in Munich

The BigDieMo team is represented at the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) with its contribution“Value Co-Creation in Data-Driven Services: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Joint Sphere”.


The joint creation of value (value co-creation) between provider and customer(s) is an everyday topic in service research. However, special features of data-based services require further theoretical conceptualization in order to ensure a more effective design of the services.
In order to improve the understanding of shared value creation, we conducted a study consisting of 16 interviews with practitioners. Our evaluations suggest that the joint value creation between provider and customer(s) can be systematically influenced by the factors (1) interaction, (2) access to customer processes or behaviour and (3) decision-making powers.
This understanding of how real value creation is influenced by the resource integration of provider and customer(s) will ultimately further accelerate the targeted design of data-driven services for effective value creation.


The paper can be downloaded via the following link: