Publication at the HICSS 2017 on Hawaii

A paper about „Capturing Value from Data: Revenue Models for Data-Driven Services“ was published at the Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS) on Hawaii. Because of the increasing availability of data and the resulting possibilities of exploiting them, new service business models are built. Suitable revenue Models, which allow them to take in the benefits of the value proposition are needed. However, the question of how the value proposition can turn into revenue for data-driven services is not addressed in literature. The paper aims to create an overview of possible revenue models for data-driven services.

Quantitative analysis was implemented based on a sample of 100 start-ups to identify the different revenue models for new established data-driven services. Three fundamental as well as four multi-sided revenue models were found:


Basic revenue models

(1) Subscription

(2) Usage fee

(3) Gain sharing


Multi-sided revenue models

(1) Endure-ads

(2) Data-tailored-offering

(3) Buy-and-sell-data

(4) Pay-with-data


The paper contributes to the fundamental understanding of how companies can capture value from data-driven services. It should give guidance on the design and selection of appropriate revenue models and, thus, inspire new forms of revenue generation from the use of data.


The paper is available for download on following link:

Capturing Value from Data: Revenue Models for Data-Driven Services