Publication at the ECIS 2016 in Istanbul

As part of the BigDieMo project an article about the topic: “Business Model Transformation Patterns of Data Driven Innovations” was released at the ECIS (24th European Conference on Information Systems) in Istanbul. The paper examined international businesses in which data driven innovations were successfully implemented. The objective of the study was to analyze the effects of data driven innovations on business models. Four different transformation models were identified through multiple case studies:


(1) cooperative innovation of the value proposition

(2) customer oriented innovation of the value proposition

(3) cooperative productivity improvement

(4) enterprise oriented productivity improvement


In conclusion those models reveal the possibility that data driven innovations can transform a product into service oriented offers. In addition, an improvement of internal as well as external processes, and therefore efficiency, are feasible.

The paper is available for download on following link:

Business Model Transformation Patterns of Data-Driven Innovations