Publication At The CBI 2016 in Paris

A paper about “Patterns of Data-Infused Business Model Innovation” was published and presented at the IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI) in Paris. Due to the increasing availability of data and its usage, new data based and data driven business models are developed. However, there is neither a common understanding regarding those business models, nor how they emerge. The paper aims to create a coherent framework and a common understanding of the infusion of business models by data and analytics.

Five different patterns were discovered by analyzing a sample of 115 use cases, on how the use of data influences business models.


(1) Data-Infused Value Creation

(2) Data-Infused Value Capturing

(3) Data-Infused Value Proposition via Creation

(4) Data-Infused Value Proposition via Capturing

(5) New Data-Infused Business Model


The paper describes how the use of data and the application of analytics can trigger and change business model innovation. The identified patterns serve as guidance for businesses on how to utilize big data and analytics and open up a broad agenda for future research.


The paper is available for download on following link:

Patterns of Data-Infused Business Model Innovation